3 Affordable Flooring Options for Your Kitchen


It is easy to splurge on home renovations. When you start exploring ideas, expensive options sound more durable and look more aesthetically pleasing. In no time, you might find yourself exceeding your budget. Don’t rush! As the experts in kitchen flooring, Touchtone Canada offers you inexpensive options that look just as good and stay in good condition for years. While price is important, we will advise you to also consider the quality. Your kitchen is the most used part of your home. It needs to wear well against spills, stains, heat, and accidents. It also needs to be easy to clean and maintain, fix, and replace. Have a look at what we have to suggest:

Less expensive kitchen floors are ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, and cork. However, costs do not include underlay, fixing with adhesive or installation supplies.


If you are considering DIY installation, this is a good option. You can install it right over your existing floor so you avoid extra expenses on underlay. Vinyl comes in a wide variety of styles, the cheapest of which is peel and stick tile. There are also peel and stick planks. If you’re looking for a touch of luxury, consider the thicker planks which can be fitted in a click. Vinyl is easy to clean, is resilient, and feels smooth under bare feet, but depending on the quality of the vinyl, it can be more easily scratched or ruined. It can scratch and wear off easily. Make sure the installation has a professional finish.


Laminate is inexpensive but by no means can it be called fragile. It has a hard resin surface that is scratch and stain resistant making it perfect for kitchens, but it can get damaged easily with water. Leaks and spills can make laminate planks swells up around the edges. You cannot mop it with water either. It is very important to choose water-resistant flooring for your kitchen, or you will be spending soon on upgrades. Laminate is available in a “water-resistant” variety which prevents water damage for up to 24 hours, but they are priced higher. Regarding aesthetics, they lose out to hardwood. Your guests will notice the difference for sure. Varieties can look like wood, ceramic tile, stone, and other high-quality flooring. The question is, do you really want a kitchen floor that you can’t mop with water?


Tile is perhaps the best option for inexpensive kitchen flooring. It is tough, easy to clean, can last for decades if installed properly. If you prefer a simple, clean design, tiles will be perfect for you and they are easy to mop. However, tiled floors can crack easily if a hard object is dropped on it. The flooring can feel uncomfortably hard, hot or cold under your feet. With that said, you can opt to add an in-floor heating system that will remove the cold feel of tile.


Cork is a high-end option among the inexpensive choices. It is comfortable, aesthetic, easy to install and offers soft cushioned comfort under your feet. Cork can last you decades. It is available as planks that can be snapped together but as you can expect, it will cost you more.

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