Tile products are generally crafted from a wide variety of materials such as quartz, metal, marble, stone, clay and terrazzo. As a result of which, Tile flooring is often thought to be one of the most elegant types of flooring one can have in their home. Coming in both a glossy or a matte finish, tile is appropriate for numerous occasions. Plus with the ability to put tiles both on the floor and on the wall, you can put Tile products pretty much anywhere. 


Jack of All Trades

For floor décor that’s creative, practical, and charming, tile from Touchtone is unbeatable. With amazing colors, shapes, textures, and sizes, Tile gives you options to play around with design, style and asthetic. Once you add extra pizzazz with glass trim, hand-painted accents, or colored grout, you can take Tile designing to a whole new level.


Weather its on the walls or on the floors, Tile has something to offer every home and business. From a perfect portico for your dining room, to a tiled masterpiece infront of your fireplace, tile can be adopted to fit nearly every surface both indoors or out. In certain places around the world, it is not uncommon to see entire homes structured with tile on each wall and floor. Tile protects against heat and as a result is a go-to option for any home in a warm environment.


Tile flooring can literally keep your heating bill down. With its cool textures, tile flooring allows for a cooler climate that reduces the need for excess heat or insulation. Tile is also made from many recycled materials like clay, sand or glass. By using recycled products, tile flooring helps us go green and look good while we do it too!

Mositure Resistant  

With a long history as one of the most durable flooring materials available, tile is a great choice for rooms that see a lot of wear or moisture. Tile resists stains and scratches, is easy to clean and can be placed in almost any environment. The result is a floor and walls that’are not only beautiful but also tough and practical.

Easy To Clean

When it comes to Tile, all you need is water, soap and maybe a bit of all purpose cleaner to make the products shine just like new. Tile is a perfect option for those who do not find joy in cleaning and polishing the elements of their home. It is difficult to scratch and stains wipe away with minimal effort.