Mosaics add the perfect compliment to kitchens, bathrooms, and all living spaces inside the home. Made from stone, glass, pebble and many different types of materials, Mosaics have stood the test of time as a means to compliment and add to your wall, floor and fixtures. We source Mosaics from all parts of the globe and even carry exclusive stock from coveted companies like AD Alexander. 



Looks Beautiful

Mosaics add an elegant line that balances the colors and combinations of materials that are found in any space. Mosaics can be used to bridge the gap between different color combinations and give the feel of a coordinated and well designed space. materials. Not only are mosaics amazing to view but they also offer a tactile texture that gives your room a sense of depth and volume. 


Long Lasting

Mosaics are extremely well constructed and as a result they will last for decades on end. With mosaics in your home, you can look forward to a home that is as sturdy and as beautiful as the first day you moved in.  For this reason, it is not unusual to see Mosaics in multiple rooms as they are famous for adding flavor and style. 

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Add Value To Your Home

It's amazing just how much value is added to a location when mosaics are installed. With proper detailing, you can take minimal templates and add a flair of elegance that can be recouped not only in compliments but also in the resale price of your home. These days, Mosaics are a staple in the home building community as they add a sense of allure that is crucial in today's design palettes. 


Amazing Options

Mosaics can come in Marble, Glass, Metal, Porcelain and combinations of different materials to enhance the look of your kitchen and feature walls. Mosaics come in smaller sizes so they are easy to cut and fill in the spaces which are hard to fill with other building materials. Mosaics are also water-proof and easy to clean. Mosaics on bigger walls can enhance the beauty of porcelain tiles and other building materials.