Laminate flooring is a product that is created with many layers. The bottom layer of a laminate floor is referreed to as the "backing". The backing is designed to resist the threat of moisture which is known to damage laminant flooring due to warping. Above the backing exists the "inner core" of laminate. Made from high-density fiberboard and reinforced with a special resin the inner core is used not only to protect laminate from moisture but also to increase durability. Finally the top layer of Laminate is referred to as as the wear layer. Typically made from aluminium oxide or malmimme the wear layer is designed to resist the fading, scratching and damage of everyday use.



Do It Yourself

Similar to LVP, Laminate flooring is a walk in the park when it comes to installation. Laminate products work on a snap and lock system which means that installation is literally as easy as a snap. With this sort of system, it does not matter what sub floor you use as Laminate flooring can be installed overtop of Hardwood, Engineered Wood. plywood, concrete or LVP. Laminate flooring uses a floating system which means that you do not even have to glue the floor down but rather let it exist overtop. As a result, Laminate is an excellent DIY project. 


 Easy to Clean

All it takes is a quick mop, sweep or vacuum to properly clean your Laminate floor. Even in locations with a large amount of foot traffic it is not abnormally strenuous or difficult to clean and maintain laminate. Laminate is the perfect type of floor for areas that are expected to see a lot of guests as it is friendly, inviting and always looks good when clean. 



Laminate's strong three layer system means that the product is extremely durable even in the case of extreme pressures. Laminate is so tough in fact that a typical laminate floor is able to withstand over 1,200 lbs of pressure per square inch.  Similar to Hardwood, Laminate floors are known to be able to last for a few decades prior to the new of a change due to deterioration.



Cost Efficient & Hypoallegenic

Often looked at as a cheaper alternative to Hardwood Flooring, Laminate flooring offers a similar look and durability than its Hardwood counterpart. Additionally because Laminate floors host a wear layer, they are well protected against harboring dust, pollen and other undesired debris. If you're looking for a cheaper flooring alternative, that offers protection from the bacteria of the outside world, look no farther than Laminate floors.