Perks of Beautiful Vinyl Flooring

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Since its advent in 1930, vinyl has been a popular flooring choice among many homeowners. The extremely affordable option beautifully matches and enhances all types of decors while also offering tremendous protection to the interiors. 
The durable and resistant flooring option is formed of multiple layers to create tiles, planks, and sheets. The base layer of vinyl flooring gives support to the top five layers, fibreglass keeps the flooring flat, and the cushion layer adds texture and bounce. The pattern layers encompass great colours and designs, while the wear layer protects the appearance of the flooring. Lastly, the top coat is applied to add sheen and protection. 
Vinyl flooring has tremendously expanded its beneficial properties and designs since gaining prominence in the mid-20th century.  Let’s take a look at all perks beautiful vinyl flooring offers. 

Stain and Water Resistant

As previously mentioned, the wear layer and top coat in vinyl flooring add protection to the surface. The top layers are easy to clean and maintain. An eco-friendly vinyl floor cleaner and mop are the two items needed to clean dirt and stains off of vinyl. 
Additionally, vinyl sheets and tiles that are installed with precision are bound to provide water resistance. No wonder many people opt for vinyl when it comes to picking a flooring option for their washrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and other moist prone areas in the house. 

Affordability and Durability

The range of vinyl flooring from low-end to high-end premium options affect the quality and cost. Higher quality material and design in flooring naturally costs more. However, the expense of all types of vinyl floorings remains lower than traditional surfaces, such as stone. 
The life expectancy of vinyl flooring depends on the materials and methods used in its manufacturing process. Composite vinyl tiles and solid vinyl have high resistance to scratches because the colour used in their manufacturing gets permeated through all the layers. Meanwhile, printed vinyl has to rely on the top wear layer for protection.


Vinyl flooring keeps interiors cozy during the winter months by remaining unaffected by chilly temperatures. The padded under-layer in vinyl flooring also makes it incredibly comfortable to walk on.
Vinyl planks and tiles are installed on a completely dry and levelled subfloor. Laying the parts of flooring can be a DIY task for a handy person, but a professional should be contacted to prepare the subfloor. 

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