The Best Basement Flooring Options for Your Home

basement flooring.jpeg

One of the main things you need to consider when shopping around for basement flooring during a home renovation is whether the material can handle moisture. Basements are damp spaces that are often susceptible to flooding. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, then stick with the original concrete slab you’ll find beneath your existing flooring. However, if you want to add warmth and your own personality to your basement’s interior design, then here are five flooring options to consider.


An option that provides warmth and soundproofing, low-pile carpeting shows less wear and tear than shag carpeting and is less expensive. Nylon blends are the most durable material for carpet and the best option for damp basements. Newly installed carpeting for a 600 sq ft basements can cost between $1,200 to $2,400. Are you concerned about moisture, pet accidents and dampness? Have a moisture blocking pad installed underneath the carpeting can prevent moisture from seeping through into the concrete slab.


Durable, moisture resistant and maintenance free, installing vinyl floor sheets is a cost-effective way of adding unique flooring to your basement. A large variety of colours, surface textures and styles available to fit any decor style. Vinyl sheeting usually comes in 12 foot wide roles in order to eliminate seams. The material it self-adhesive, allowing a do-it-yourself option to save some money. The thicker the vinyl, the higher the quality and price. Vinyl can be installed over concrete but must be done as smoothly as possible to prevent imperfections from showing through.


Laminate flooring consists of a strong film covered with resin to create the veneer that’s stuck to a plywood backboard. It can imitate the appearance of wood, stone and ceramic tile for a lower price. Some variants of laminate flooring are resistant to moisture, making it perfect for a basement installation. The planks can snap together upon installation, floating over concrete flooring or a foam pad.

Engineered Wood

Much like laminate flooring, engineered hardwood is comprised of a solid wood surface that’s overlaid onto a plywood back. It provides a more stable plank structure while still implementing the look and feel of hardwood. Engineered hardwood can endure harsh temperature changes and moisture without warping or becoming damaged and is low maintenance. During installation, it can be glued down or held together through an interlocking system to create a floating floor.

Ceramic Tile

When properly installed, ceramic tiles can last as long as the house itself. The tiles are installed directly over concrete and come in a wide variety of design choices. If you want ceramic tiles but are worried about slippage due to condensation, apply an anti-slip finish to the surface upon installation. Cost varies greatly depending on the size, shape and tile layout.

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