Sound Barriers That Dampen Noise Between Floors

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If you’re looking to tone down the noise between your floors, there are sound barriers that can help minimize the noise and help prevent them from travelling to the floor below or through the ceiling to the floor above. Here are a few options to consider if you’re having a problem with noise.

Installing underlayment is one option to think about. While the primary use of this is to provide a smooth and even surface for flooring installation, it can help act as a sound barrier as well. Underlayment refers to a soft layer, such as foam or cork, and is placed over the subfloor so that flooring can be installed on top. It is normally placed under carpet or laminate flooring. Underlayment can also refer to a hard, thin layer of cement or plywood. Both options will help with blocking out sound. It won’t eliminate the problem entirely but will definitely help.

If you choose to go with the most affordable option, it would be regular polyurethane foam which is very inexpensive but also the least effective so if you really want to tune out noise it may not be the best option. Acoustic foam, on the other hand, is far more effective, which is why it is more expensive. This is a sound absorbing material that can help silence the noise and prevent it from travelling from floor to floor.

Felt is another great option to consider and serves two purposes; it is effective and environmentally friendly. It’s double the cost of polyurethane foam, but you will notice a big difference when it comes to sound absorption, so if you can handle the price tag you will be noise free. A sheet of plywood can also be an option, although it’s not as effective as felt. It will help block some of the noise but not all of it. Despite this fact, it is still a popular wood underlayment option that is perfect for both laminate and hardwood flooring.

It’s not always easy to block out noise completely, which is why you can try combining a few different methods to see better results. You can try different kinds of underlayment or put in new solid doors to help reduce unwanted noise.

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