What type of commercial flooring should you pick for your business


If you are remodelling your current office or moving into a new one, choosing the best type of flooring will be a big decision. Certain types of flooring can be very hard to maintain, expensive, and in a lot of cases, just plain drab.


New engineering and design theories are putting an end to these issues. It's now feasible to accomplish a good look, a dependable hard wearing surface, and keep prices in check. A combination of commercial carpets, tiles, top quality floor coverings, and personalized design is drastically boosting the standard of public and corporate spaces.

Flooring designs for offices


The flooring in your office will be used a lot throughout the day, and the prerequisites for durability, plus cost-efficient maintenance and repair are important to consider.


Areas such as airports, libraries, auditoriums, public office buildings, together with other high volume traffic zones have a higher risk of trips and falls if the flooring isn’t safe to walk on. Having a different and fresh approach to your office flooring can end up saving you money on repairs and keep everybody walking on them every day safe.


If your business is located in an area that sees a lot of snow or rain, you should also consider investing in durable rugs which are designed to be simple and economical while keep your floor clean and safe to walk on.

Comfortable carpet flooring


You may have recently seen some ultra contemporary, hard wearing carpet in public places that looked remarkably different than carpet you are used to. This is actually a brand-new category of carpet design, created on a “constructed to last” basis.


These new designs include smooth carpet tile squares with incorporated backing, supplying both cushioning and maintaining cloth integrity. This integrated structure also enhances safety and avoids seam stress fractures that can eventually destroy carpets.


Modular carpet tiles, retail carpet, and commercial carpet squares make upkeep easy and quick. The area can be restored almost immediately, at minimum cost without disrupting how people walk around your office. The design notions are predicated on built-in efficiencies and also realistic approaches to the needs of busy areas. The economics of public places can be managed very well, with regards to product life durability. Inferior quality flooring is less affordable with time, and more of a risk with regards to safety and unexpected maintenance costs.


High-quality materials will prevent wear and tear, are more budget-friendly, and bring you the peace of mind for those accountable for these areas. The best industrial carpet tiles are incredibly durable, and might never need any work done on them at all. Probably the most impressive part of the floor concepts for public places is the capability to custom design these huge spaces. In the past, this could have been nearly impossible except at great expense.


If your office has a big and busy public area, you may want to do your very own custom layout for it, including custom colourization. If you run your company out of Edmonton, Alberta, check out the commercial flooring options we have at TouchTone Canada! Visit our site to see our design options, patterns, and see some current working samples of custom design commercial flooring we are working on. Give us a call at 780-414-0862 or email us at info@touchtonecanada.com today if you have any questions regarding the options for your business’ floor!