Carpet is perfect flooring choice when it comes to comfort and warmth. Easy to vacuum, and cozy on your feet, Carpet is also ideal for cushioning falls and slips indoors. Coming in ample colors and patterns, there are many ways to style your space with this soft and homey material. Touchtone carries carpet from the world's Largest brands and we pride ourselves on the quality of our product. 

Benefits Of Carpet


Improves Indoor Air Quality

Carpet emits the lowest amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) among all flooring materials. By acting as a passive air filter, Carpet traps dust, pollen and other particles in its fibers, thus removing them from the air space. Studies have shown that people suffering from asthma and allegies have reaped significant benefits from switching to carpet. 


Softens Slips and Falls

Carpet is ideal for cushioning footsteps in the home. By reducing slips and falls, injuries are minimized in the event of a misstep. These benefits are especially useful for families with young children or older individuals.  

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Thermal Resistance

Besides providing a warm feeling, Carpet can actually warm your home! With its thick fibers, Carpet provides thermal resistance that effectively insulates any environment. In colder seasons, carpet  retains warm air longer than its contemporaries which also allows users to save money through energy conservation. 

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Reduces Noise

Carpet  works as a sound barrier between floors by helping to block sound transmission from leaking into other rooms. This is why many people choose to use carpet on their staircases as it helps mask the sound of constant foot traffic

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