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5 Great Home Interior Styles

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Are you looking to completely redo the interior of your home and are yearning for a great new style to work with? There are countless options out there when looking for interior styles, so it can be a little overwhelming when browsing for your home’s new look. Do you stick with a more modern style, or do you go vintage? Do you want to add as much of your own personal touch as possible, or do you want to keep things simple? Here are 5 trendy home interior styles that just might do it for you!


The eclectic interior style is for those of us with a creative flair. This style borrows from a number of different periods, styles, and trends. It’s meant to be twisted and moulded in different and unique ways, allowing for maximum expression! While it can be tempting to let loose and add all sorts of patterns, colours, and textures, it’s still important to keep a sense of balance between these things, while also blending old with new.



Minimalism is a trend that is fairly new, starting in the early twentieth century. This style was originally influenced by Japanese design and its simplicity, and it involves interiors being stripped down to their basic elements to create as little clutter as possible. The idea behind the minimalist style is that less is more, therefore any empty space is a design statement and is meant to be empty. Minimalist style should always be done with colour being used sparingly, since too many colours will just be a distraction from the simplicity.


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The scandi style is becoming more and more popular around the globe. This style is inspired by the snowy landscapes of the Nordic countries and is characterized by heavy use of the colour white. Too really feel like you’re warm and cozy in the Nordics, consider adding white wools, fabrics, and furs to wooden frameworks. The scandi style is all about sharp lines and lots of texture; it’s perfect if you’re looking for a clean and vibrant style.


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The Vintage style is most likely to create that home-sweet-home feeling we all know and love. While not old-fashioned, Vintage style seeks to evoke feelings of comfort while treating the eye to versatile design choices that can be either Charming or edgy, pretty or retro. A concept of open shelves leaves plenty of room for knick-knacks and more as you customize your vintage space.


The beauty of the contemporary interior style is that it is constantly evolving. This style is modern and current at heart, but there are constantly new additions to its essence, and what is considered a contemporary interior now will likely change as time goes on. As it stands today, contemporary interior styles include clean spaces, furniture with exposed legs that create a feeling of space, a lack of intricate details, and lots of metal and glass.

These are just 5 of the many beautiful and unique styles dominating the world of interior design today. A whole world of style and beauty is waiting for you, so get decorating!