Top 5 Spring Trends to Spruce Up Your Home


The months are warmer, the fields are greener, the flowers are in full bloom; what about your home? Is it summer ready to match with the weather? Are your rugs, drapes, and blinds dusted and mended? Is your flooring in good shape? Or is there some fixing to do? Breathe new life into worn-out corners with these evergreen home interior trends.

Bright and Beautiful

Lift tired nooks and corners with bright little accents. Delete the greys and browns of winter. Bring a smile with bright area rugs that bring the room alive. Choose colours that go with your spring mood: red, pink, lime green, orange or yellow. Place them in your living room, dining area, by the bed or at the main door entrance. Go for soft and welcoming textures that match with the season. Get natural fibre carpets for a change or classic oriental rugs that never go out of style. One look at a happy pattern can set the tone for the day.

Refresh and Relax

De-stress by lying back on your favourite sofa that has been a staple for your living room since you moved in. If it is beginning to look worn-out, but you’re not ready to trade it yet, simply change the drapes to change up the scenery. Get sheer ones that move delicately with the summer breeze. They look light, bright, and are easy on the eyes; or get unique fabrics that are available in a variety of ready-to-hang styles. 

Sunshine and Serenity

Are the heavy curtains before your bedroom window getting in the way of the beautiful view outside? Roll them up for airy blinds instead. Blinds, wood shades, and shutters are a beautiful way to let the sunshine stream in without heating up the room on hot days. Relax on your bed with a book in hand and watch the blooms lift your frown. Bring the garden into your room with mirrors on the opposite wall. They will reflect the view and sunlight into every corner of your room.

Expand your Horizons

Why limit greenery to the outdoors?  Line up potted herbs on the window sill in your kitchen or dining area. If you don’t have a green thumb, get leaf printed cushions in different shades of green or a pretty floral print. If that’s wild, here’s a wilder idea for animal lovers. Get cushions or throws in animal print for the kids. Exciting leopard spots or tiger stripes can change the look of furniture in an instant. Pair the animal print throws with cushions in a bold single colour. You don’t want to go overboard on any pattern. Mix and match, play with shades, patterns, and new styles to offset new mosaic floors.

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