Benefits of Carpets


When you are shopping for new flooring there are so many options out there it can get overwhelming. One option that many people overlook is carpet. Hardwood and the extensive selection of laminate options have taken over public consciousness, but carpet is a reliable, comfortable option that is sure to please. If you are on the fence about what kind of flooring to go with in your living areas, bedrooms, hallways, and dining room, here are our top six reasons why you should consider carpet.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Carpet gets a very bad rap when it comes to allergens and air quality. People think that carpet traps allergens, which keeps them in their home. While carpet does trap allergens, dust, and dirt, it actually helps keep them out of the air and removes them from lungs. Compared to all other types of flooring, carpet also has very low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions. Thanks to this, those who suffer from asthma and allergies end up benefiting by switching to carpet from hardwood.

Child-Friendly and Safe

Carpets are great if you have young children. They are soft and comfortable to play on, making any space great for your kids to hang out in, but they also are cushioning in case of slips and falls. The extra cushioning can also save your fragile belongings if they get knocked over or dropped onto the floor.

Noise Reduction

Carpet is a natural noise barrier and can help block the sound of television and footfalls from those under you. This is one reason why carpet on the stairs and down hallways, as is a great option, as it helps mask the sound of people tromping up and down them. If your bedrooms are directly above the central area of your house, it will also help keep the noise down if you have children playing upstairs.


Carpets can help your home to stay warm, which in colder climates like Canada can help save on your heating bill in the winter. Carpet has thermal resistance and helps to insulate rooms and keeps the air warmer, longer. It is also warmer on bare feet, which is very nice in the winter and fall.


There is endless variety when it comes to carpeting. Carpet comes in so many colours, styles, and patterns that there is something for everyone. You can build an entire room around a carpet with an interesting pattern and never have to limit yourself to something neutral and plain.

Eco-Friendly Options

Carpet comes in many eco-friendly options, including wool, bamboo, seagrass, and cotton. Carpet can also be made out of recycled materials. Compared to other flooring options it is quite eco-friendly and a great choice if you are trying to do your part regarding your ecological footprint.

Carpet from Touchtone

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