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"The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail." - Charles R. Swindoll

Details matter; not only do they matter a little but we actually believe they matter a lot. No grand project can be complete without a strong attention to the foundation and structure that it is built on. That is why at Touchtone Canada we pay a great focus to the importance of a well crafted mosaic. Over the years we have worked with many different companies trying to find mosaics that are bold and brilliant in their impact. As a result of our search we have come to find brands that we can rely on and products that we can trust. For the autumn season we are having a sale on some of our best mosaics, we hope to pass the prime benefits of our products and key savings of our size onto our customers.


This mosaic collection is perfect for use with brighter palettes and is commonly displayed in kitchens, bathrooms and behind sinks. Currently Bright Beach mosaics are retailing at a 50% discount and are currently just $10.00 per square foot. 


The Avello collection offers mosaic tiles that are contemporary but still pay homage to design trends of the past. Currently Avello Mosaics are retailing at a 50% discount and are now being offered at $10.00 per square foot. 


The Compliment Mosaic Collection was created to showcase the beauty that can arise from contrasting two opposite colors from the spectrum. With a vivid yellow and black square tile paired alongside the more traditional rectangular mosaic we are hoping to create a design that is bold and relentless in its goal to revolutionize design. Currently Compliment mosaics are retailing at a 50% discount and are now being offered at $10.00 per square foot. 


Subway tiles are making a deep impact into the mosaic industry this year. Inspired by the allure that comes with simplicity, subway tiles were created to show that there is a beauty in the basics that should be appreciated and respected deeply. Right now we are offering our subway tiles starting at just $2.60 per square foot.