Touchtone embodies several core values that are of significant important to the company and all of it's staff. We rely on these values in order to help create a better and more positive work space for all parties involved. 



Working as a team is extremely important as we know that two heads are more productive than one. We strive to build health and positive relationships. 


Nothing ever gets without proper clarity and understanding. We value open and honest communication as it is the bed rock to achieving success in business and life. 

Customer Service

The customer is our #1 priority because without our customers, we would be nothing!

Learning and Growing

We are always trying to learn new things. As we accumulate more knowledge, we aspire to grow both as individuals and as a company. 


Our mission is to be the most preferred flooring company and we recognize that this won't happen unless we become a team that you can fully rely on.


 Touchtone hopes to foster strong leadership among all of its employees. We recognize that great leadership is a prerequisite for achievement.  


Its important that we always tell the truth and stay truthful to who we are as individuals. Our goal is to always be honest and accountable for our actions.