Installation Process

We have designed our installation procedure with consumer satisfaction as the ultimate goal. If you decide to have your floors installed with Touchtone Canada, this is the process that you should expect. 

Step 1: Measurements and Quotes

During the first visit to the site, the team will measure and determine the quantity of products and services required to complete the job. Our Installation experts will review your needs on the site, cover all the requirements and answer all questions that you may have. As we tour your home with you, we will do the measurements and provide you with an initial quote.

Your Touchtone sales expert will assist you in discovering your jobs needs and make suggestions on the type of product that you may want to consider. For a quick understanding about which products to use in your home, please refer to our Flooring Buying Guide. 

Sales expert will book the schedule after consultation and will choose a date and time that is best suited for your schedule. Based on the given schedule, Installations Manager will then assign the installation experts from our 90+ team of experienced professionals. Most Touchtone installers have been working in the industry for 15+ years and as a result have become masters at their craft. 

Step 2: Installation Process

Pre-installation preparation: We request you clear the job site a day before the install date by moving any pertinent furniture, appliances etc. to a secure and safe place.

Our Installation experts will be arrive at the pre-scheduled time. They will then perform a pre-walk through to make sure the work order matches with the materials brought on site. Upon completion, or at end of each installation day, the job site will be cleaned up for safety and all excess materials will be disposed of. 


Step 3: Walk through and feedback

After the installation, our Installation experts will do a walk through of your job site to review the work done. They will also go over our Customer Acceptance form for your feedback and to make sure the job was done as per your requirements.

If there are any questions or concerns, we will make sure they are addressed immediately. All relevant notes are kept in for quality control and warranty purposes.

Post installation our Installation experts will educate you on how to best maintain your product and will ensure your satisfaction prior to leaving the premises.