Engineered wood takes the brilliance of Hardwood and replicates it to a broader set of options. Made from three to five separate layers of hardwood that are cross-grained and bonded together under severe heat and pressure, engineered hardwood stands to be one of the strongest and most diverse type of flooring product out there today. Famous for recent technological innovations, Engineered wood is growing in appeal and popularity worldwide. Our Edmonton flooring store provides variety of engineered wood that fits your choice. 




Similar to Hardwood, Engineered Wood is built to last the long run. Engineered Wood planks is the type that you can expect to be there for you the day your child is born and the day that your child graduates High school. Often refereed to as "Man-Made Wood" the several layers inside each plank allow for a durable material that can go decades without worry or repair. 


Numerous Asthetic Designs

Engineered Wood is a product that is always growing and changing. As technology grows and experts come up with new ways to construct the Engineered Wood layers, we can expect a larger variety of options when it comes so aesthetic designs. Today Engineered Wood can be styled in a wide variety of colors. This means that regardless of where you intend on putting Engineered Wood floors, you can expect a well-thought out and gorgeous floor for all occasions.  

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Thrives In Diverse Climates

The modifications made to Engineered Wood allow the product to be placed in rooms that typical Hardwood would not thrive in. Engineered Hardwood is scientifically designed to withstand hot, cold and moist climates with relative ease and Engineered wood planks can be placed in every room of your house without worrying about the material eroding. 

Coziness and Warmth

Like typical Hardwood floors, Engineered Wood is a type of flooring that is warm underneath the feet. Wood acts as a strong insulator against the cold and as a result of the thousands of tiny air chambers that exist per each cubic inch, the well layered Engineered Wood does an tremendous job of keeping the body warm and cozy for the harsh Canadian Winters.